AR Before AR Was Cool
Digable brings augmented 3D controllers to CONEXPO

More controllers than space.

OEM Controls Inc. can make thousands of custom configurations when it comes to controllers and handles to operate various types of equipment. With only 40 square feet of floor space, how do you inform expo-goers about them without loading the floor with them? Digable saw an opportunity to use their expertise in 3D and augmented reality, and made it…a reality..for..them.

YEAH! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

“Ok, we’ll do 27 handles”

Normally, when tasked with such a feat, it would take an army of 3D artists, a long time, costing a lot of money. Digable took a different approach, one that would save time, money, and deliver an amazing experience – photogrammetry.

Round and Round We Go!

The use of photogrammetry takes patience, good lighting, and a netflix subscription. Each controller required 60 or more high res photos before being fed through a processor to become 3D.

Vuforia VuMarks

To facilitate tracking, Digable implemented VuMarks, which are branded markers that reflect the brand of the product being showcased. There were five individual markers which required extensive design expertise to implement through their system.

Bringing It All Together

Combining the 3D photogrammetry scans, with custom swipe code developed specifically for this experience – Digable utilized the Unity3D game engine. This allowed for the experience to be deployed cross platform between iOS, Android, and more.

Success Looks Awesome!

Digable began with an opportunity, and surpassed the client’s expectations. Combining their expertise in 3D, functional design, physics formulas, and AR implementation – the resulting product was simply put – cool!